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Fizz and Platter started in May 2019 in New Delhi, India. We have got an amazing team of Digital Marketing Experts, Content Writers, Web Developers and Photographers who are very exited about increasing the business for the clients by helping them make a difference by raising the industry standards and also helping the client in achieving the targets
We here at Fizz and Platter specialize in Website development, Generating Leads by running Google Ads, Performing Search engine optimization on the website, Social Media marketing and also help making loyal customers through E-mail Marketing. At Fizz and Platter, We help businesses of all sizes the restaurant and hospitality sectors with even one portion like Social Media Marketing but we personally prefer a complete approach that covers all the areas like SEO, PPC etc., in order to help the client achieve the goals and get maximum profits.
And because of our previous positive experiences, today we have been growing and are becoming a company with a nice prestige in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

(1) We build and manage targeted Facebook ads that drive footfall .

With 60% of the Indian population on Facebook, it can be an extremely effective platform for promoting your venue.
We have 8 years of experience in managing and optimising Facebook advertising campaigns through Facebook’s complex advertising system. This system turns everything its 1.8 billion users share into targetable demographics, allowing us to reach users with strategically placed adverts based on everything from their favourite cuisine to how often they like to travel. We know how to manage and optimise advertising campaigns for best results, allowing us to reach the most relevant people with quality adverts in order to grow a loyal, engaged Facebook community.

(2) We create professional graphic design concepts that make a great first impression..

First impressions count and we understand how to use design to optimise engagement between a hospitality venue and potential customers. All of our graphic designs are created within your branding guidelines, in a way that maximises its impact across social media and digital advertising. In our experience, the most engaging online content involves imagery, which is why we’re devoted to making sure that eye-catching creative is one of the reasons your customers love your website, social presence and all-round image.

(3) We drive brand awareness and footfall with visually-compelling Instagram adverts

Instagram advertising uses non-invasive photo, video and carousel adverts that blend in seamlessly with users’ Instagram feeds: your adverts appear in the same way that content they subscribe to does, making this advertising platform an advanced method of creating new fans.This highly-engaging advertising platform can be used to target relevant users with your photography, brand story and offers. Our experience in optimising Instagram adverts means that we can maximise the reach and engagement levels of your page, grow your following and build a passionate community of individuals who love your business.

(4) We generate a loyal community of customers for your business through Instagram.

Our experienced team know how to maximise the impact of Instagram, the social media platform that places images centre stage: the atmosphere of your venue, the latest dish or the colours of your enticing happy hour cocktails can all be delivered in a way that encourages engagement with your venue.
We create on-brand content to ensure that your venue has a competitive presence and consistent visual brand identity. Our team is experienced in utilising hashtags to target specific audiences in order to connect your posts with relevant online communities, ultimately converting potential customers into actual footfall.

(5) We offer a Twitter management service in order to professionally manage your profile and posts

Twitter is a important channel for promoting your brand’s key messages to an engaged group of local foodies, bar-goers and travel fans. By contacting relevant experts and influencers in your sector through hashtags and trending content, we create a connection or link between your business and real people. We have the expertise to connect with relevant online communities through the promotion of your best deals and eye-catching creative, resulting in more people interacting with your brand and ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.

(6) We optimise your website to bring in more quality traffic and increase booking revenue.

With over 85% of all diners going online to view restaurants before they eat out, being found online is crucial to your venue and offers a great way to bring in new business.
Search engine optimisation has a major impact on where you appear online when people search for venues. Our expertise in creating SEO strategies for hospitality venues means that we can ensure your website isn’t getting lost in your potential customers’ search results. We will review and audit your website in order to generate more traffic and bring customers through the door.


Why our clients love us.

In addition to growing your online presence, we’ll drive customers to your venue and demonstrate clear return on investment. With clients from national brands to award – winning independents, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships that deliver results.
if you want grow your business then Fizzandplatter is Best for you and your business .