Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2020

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Now here I am talking about the most happening digital place to hangout is “The Social Media”.

Most part of our days goes surfing social media feeds. What about you? First thing in the morning people usually check latest feeds on social media. I know you agree on this. Social Media is running in our blood. It has become a fundamental element of our lives.


We all know billions of people use social media daily, taking this to advantage, many Businesses, marketers are utilizing social media platforms to get connected with their target audience.


On the contrary, there is enormous content and competition is far above the ground. However it has become really complicated and hence it will be difficult for you to sustain and get desired results until and unless you have a social media marketing strategy. Without a perfect strategy, you are like shooting arrows randomly in all the directions without a target. Update yourself on the latest trends in social media platforms in 2020, which will help you, enhance your strategy and create your brand, get ahead of competition.

Here are social media trends for 2020:-


#1 Video Content Marketing will remain the show stopper

Videos are the best attractive forms of content and it will keep dominating the social media platforms in 2020 too, it’s the only frontrunner over all other types of content. Whether it is short videos or long videos content, videos are the future of social media content marketing. Many cases it has seen that people influenced more by video content, they liked, shared and interacted on their social media page.

More than 50% of people said they’ve been inclined to make an effort to try a product seen on a brand’s video emerged on their social media news feed.  People are subscribing to the YouTube channels of their favorite brands if they liked the content. According to a study, within 2-3 years, 75% of all content available online will be video content. This undoubtedly defines how important it is to initiate video content marketing to stay updated and hence connected with enormous crowd in the social media domain.


#2 Social Commerce

Brands are using Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to connect enormous audience. Social commerce has become a Trendy Retail Street for brands to sell their products and this is becoming stronger. It has become a mainstream trade channel in comparison with other traditional mediums like websites and offline stores. This trend will going stronger with more interactive feature introducing pro-selling features like shoppable posts, Instagram Storefronts. Social media channels are endlessly developing to become retail platforms. Brands and marketers will use latest trends and include social commerce in their marketing strategies.


#3 Instagram will eliminate ‘likes’

Instagram is the leading social media domain and any major changes made here can affect the social media audience. Removing Likes in Instagram posts is one of the major changes. July 2019, Instagram started this trial in few countries first in a beta test and may be gradually applicable to other countries as well. There are lot of people come up with different reasons. The logical reason is that likes establish a person’s social significance. More likes More Importance the person will get. However, which was affecting person’s mental health.

But contrary to this logic, there are a lot of people who resist the reason and believed that Instagram wants to earn more by implementing this change. As we all Know that Brands pay influencers to promote their products or services. Where, Instagram is not getting any monetary benefit with brand promotions. In fact, influencer marketing has become so effective and trendy that brands not investing in traditional marketing methods like advertising.

If Instagram removes likes then brands won’t be able to assess the direct impact of their campaigns as effortlessly as they do now. This might push some brands to spend in Instagram Ads and they can track the ROI as well.


#4 Niche will keep growing

Facebook and Instagram is an enormous dominated social media emerged as the largest and most strong networks. However, recently there are many niche social media platforms which have not only emerged but get higher to prominence. 

TikTok, for example, is one of the best performed platforms that started in 2016 and gained recognition among youth. Moreover, Big Brands prefer LinkedIn for their social media program, and many such more for gaming PubG became very popular. There are lot of Apps in social media platforms which are getting popularity and will continue to grow more audience base in 2020.


#5 Ephemeral Content will be loved this year too

Let me first give you brief description about Ephemeral Content as many people are using it but might not be aware about the terminology. Ephemeral Content is the substance created with the use of text, photos, short videos or gifs and which is something that is accessible only for a short time and vanish afterwards. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are ideal example of this type of content.

Today, a person’s attention span is short. According to a study by Microsoft, nowadays the average human being has an attention span of 8 sec. This is reduced from the normal attention span of 12 sec in the year 2000. Moreover, the way people like to read content has also changed. This is why the formats like Stories have become trendy. People spend hours scrolling through stories of others like a slideshow. They are short, engaging, and addictive, loved by all ages and people spend hours surfing through it.